13 June 2007

Farewell on 12 May 2007

Two Ara's

Farewell dinner in Paramaribo

Just as one and a half year ago we had a farewell party at the chinese restaurant Fa Tai in Paramaribo, together with Marina, Alicia and Denny, the children of our hosts Cindy and Dennis.

At the dinner we thanked Cindy and Dennis for their good care, hospitality and perfect organization. Lous and Lidie were happy that, after one and a half year of stories, they had now also experienced Surinam.
And I was very happy that Cindy knew the artist Paul Woei and called him right away. I had a long telephone conversation with him and thanked him that, through his poster, he had drawn my attention to the visit of La Condamine to Paramaribo. I hope to meet him on our next visit!

Perhaps he will appreciate the following citation from La Condamine's journal: "J'arrivai le 27, à l'embouchure de la rivière de Surinam.(...) Le lendemain, le Gouverneur m'envoya son canot avec un officier françois, qui me conduisit a Paramaribo, capitale de cette colonie, où j'admirai l'art avec lequel les Hollandais savent forcer la Nature." (Journal du Voyage fait par ordre du Roi; Imprimerie royale, Paris, 1751. Cote Bibliothèque de l'Observatoire).

On our last day, 12 May 2007, Rob and Emmy de Vries came to say goodbye. In the afternoon we drove to the airport at Zanderij. The plane brought us in 8 hours and 20 minutes to Amsterdam.

Rob and Emmy de Vries came to "Camp David" to say goodbye

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