09 March 2010

Last day in Belém

8/3. Monday. At 8 a.m. we took a taxi to the "Club do Remo" near the port, which we had detected yesterday. There we were cordially received and, with only a few words of english we were invited to row in the rough, brown water. A double skull, "Olga Nobre", had just arrived and they let us row in it! Many pictures were taken,  we gave them a globe-balloon and wrote "Rowing Club Naarden" on it and we exchanged e-mail addresses. So, we finally rowed in the brown Rio Amazonas, although it actually was in the mouth of the Rio Guamá, coming out in the Baia do Guajara.

At the Club do Remo we were invited to row in a double skull.
Rowing on the brown Amazon water with waves from many motor boats.
Left: Fabio Sicilia and right the globus on which we depicted Holanda, as large as Isla Marajó!
Then, after a shower in our hotel, we walked to the museum Emilio Goeldi lying in a beautiful parc with immense trees. But it was "fechada", closed. After a siësta we took a taxi to the Arquivo Publico on Campas Sales #273, but it was "fechada" too. We walked back through the little streets of the old town full with shops and sellers to the fruit market and the docks.

The closed Arquivo Publico where we hoped to get some information about La Condamine's visit to Belém.
Big ship entering the port of Belém.
Our favorite restaurant in Belém.
The last evening we would eat with Steve West, who as an Evangelist, asked whether we allowed him to bless our meal and our journey. After the blessing he remarked that he had only asked God for our safety and not told Him how crazy we were. We had a pleasant last dinner with many conservative-republican, political viewpoints, stories and questions about Europe. You too, Steve, have a safe journey!

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